Donna Petersen

Arizona Youth Ballet – Rehearsal Mistress/Production Manager

Donna Petersen (Production Manager/Rehearsal Mistress) has been dancing since the age of 5 when she began her training on the east coast studying with such masters as Mickey Rooney, Ada Pourmel, Gregory Hines & Robert La Fosse. Trained to be a triple threat, it wasn’t until she started high school that she was introduced to the world of Modern dance where she found a love for teaching and choreography that would change her life forever. She received scholarships with Cleo Parker Robinson, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Momix, Phoenix School of Ballet, ASU, Cal Arts, Pepperdine and NYU. Some of her musical theater credits include Grease (Sandy), Brigadoon (Jeanne McClaren) and West Side Story (Anybodys). Donna has founded and developed youth arts programs for over 20 years and loves seeing the growth of young artists. She has been the Production/Tour Manager for Nebellion Dance, Gravity Jazz Dance Theater, Rogue Dance Theater, Scorpious Dance Theater, Center Dance Ensemble and Arizona Youth Ballet. Donna is currently the Arts Director for Skyline Education and earned her Master of Science in Business with a specialization in sports management and operations. While she has been fortunate to work with some of the most amazing companies and people across the country, she is most proud of being the mother to four amazing and talented children who make everything make sense in this crazy world.

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