Charis Dexter, Brigham Young University

AZYB 2010-2012

Having trained under many great artists from around the country, I always say dancing with Christina Hampton and AZYB is some of THE best training I received in my pre-professional years. She is the gold standard. I am now in my 12th year of teaching and I use things I learned from Ms. Christina every time I teach a class. Dancing with AZYB helped prepare me for the ballet program at Brigham Young University where I got to perform, tour, and earn a degree in Dance. It gave me a good foundation for dancing professionally. Besides the technical foundation, this ballet training has given me the opportunity to develop my body, mind, and spirit together in a way that has set me up for success in all areas of my life. I always recommend AZYB to my Arizona people. What a privilege to have a world class teacher here, in Mesa!