Scott Coles, Pilot

AZYB 2013-2014

I was a full time dancer at Jeanne’s School of Dance in 2013. Christina Hampton saw me in the hallway and asked if I would like to take a ballet partnering class. I had a great time and immediately fell in love with the art. 

As my career started with AZYB, Christina and Scott Bodily took me under their wing and showed me what it meant to be a ballet dancer. Their love for the sport is very passionate and truly amazing. They love kids and will do anything for their dancers. Their attention to technique from dancing to performance day is breath taking. They truly support their dancers in the ballet room and outside of class.  The skills and life lessons I learned during my time with AZYB have benefited me greatly in my life beyond ballet.  I would recommend AZYB, Christina Hampton, and Scott Bodily to any parents, friends or colleagues of mine.