Arizona Youth Ballet

Arizona Youth Ballet

Arizona Youth Ballet

AZYB Parent FAQ’s

Will rehearsals be held during school breaks?

  • Yes.  We hold rehearsals on the weekends of school breaks.

My dancer is only in the first act.  Can they join me during intermission? 

  • Unfortunately no.  We are a pre-professional company and that means all dancers wait backstage.  They are able to watch the show in the green room.  MCC has monitors that are turned on during the show.  Our Backstage Chaperones have committed to engaging the dancers in their care in activities and make sure they get to the stage and back.  

Are families required to volunteer?

  • Our guest artist families are not required to volunteer, however company families are.  We are a nonprofit and rely on volunteers to make sure the dancers have a positive experience!  We currently use Signup Genius to show what opportunities are available.  If you have a skill that you feel can be helpful to the company, please reach out to a Board Member.  You can also send an email to with your information.  We can always use help with marketing and advertising. 

Can I take my dancer(s) for lunch between the Saturday shows?  We have family in town.

  • As much as we would love to say yes, we do ask that all dancers remain at the theater between shows.  We have had instances in the past of dancers leaving between shows and not returning on time to get back in to stage makeup and costumes.  It is stressful for everyone, especially the dancers, to not be ready and miss their cue!  To alleviate this, we do have snacks, water and food backstage for the dancers.  If your dancer requires a special diet, or has allergies, please let us know.  We try to accommodate that as much as possible but can’t try if we don’t know!