Arizona Youth Ballet

Arizona Youth Ballet

Arizona Youth Ballet

Theater Information

We perform at Mesa Community College Performing Arts Center.  The address is 1520 S. Longmore in Mesa.  You can see this building from the US60 – it is the building with the red designs!  (See the website for the information on these red designs – its an interesting story!) 

If you are bringing food or water for the green room, please leave that with Security and they will make sure it gets back.  There is a refrigerator for cold items.  We will have ice chests for water. 




Dancers will have access to the green room thru the main lobby of the PAC.  We will have security at the door leading to backstage.  Dancers (and volunteers) will need to check in with Security. 

Due to space constraints, if you are not on the list as a dancer or volunteer, you will not be allowed backstage.  This includes between shows on Saturday. 

If you need to speak to your dancer between shows, please let Security or a Board Member know and they will get your dancer for you.  For obvious reasons, we will only be able to get your dancer for you during a show in an emergency.  Dancers will only be allowed in the lobby during intermission in the case of an emergency.


What should my dancer bring to the theater? 


  • 2 extra pair of new tights (in package).  Female dancers need ballet pink, without seams, and males need role appropriate color
  • Skin colored, camisole style, leo.  Required for every female dancer.
  • Comfortable clothing to wear backstage.  Front opening or open neckline will cause less damage to make-up or hair
  • Extra tech shoes
  • Extra pointe shoes (as appropriate) – they should be powdered
  • Socks
  • Hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair colored hair net
  • Hair spray/hair gel
  • Make-up (for hygienic purposes) – should include black mascara, black eyeliner, lipstick (pink for younger dancers and light red for older dancers), and foundation in dancers skin color.  Specialty make-up will be provided as needed.


  • Blanket
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Books, coloring books and pencils (no markers), etc for downtime


  • Drinks or liquids with any color (they will stain costumes)
  • Candy or sticky snacks
  • Snacks that leave a residue (bad for costumes)
  • Nail polish! Must be removed before going on stage