Arizona Youth Ballet

Arizona Youth Ballet

Arizona Youth Ballet

AzYB Volunteer Job Descriptions

Production/Season Roles – will work with a Committee Head or Coordinator. 


  • Help set up and tear down the boutique, depending on shift assigned at boutique table.  Be available to assist patrons before, during intermission, and after the show with boutique purchases.



  • Be at the studio during rehearsals and be available to dancers and artistic staff.  Ensure that all trash is taken out at the end of rehearsal (and as needed during the day) as well as all restrooms stocked.


  • In the green room during production to assist dancers get into costume and makeup and on stage on time.  Also responsible for the younger dancers in the green room while they are not on stage.  Will maintain the area the younger dancers are in for cleanliness and to make sure all dancers are safe.  Will need to attend dress rehearsals to learn cues and costumes.

Food Committee

  • Plan the menu for the cast party/lunch between shows, set and tear down the food and clean area

Green Room Manager (typically assigned position by Board)

  • Responsible for all aspects of the green room, including overseeing the chaperones, dancers, food area and working with the Stage Manager on dancer cues and availability.  Will need to attend dress rehearsals to learn cues and costume needs.  Will also work with the Chaperone Coordinator on any issues.

Hair and Makeup Manager  (typically assigned position by Board)

  • Ensure that all dancers hair and make-up is stage ready prior to leaving the green room  This includes making sure all makeup is role appropriate, buns are at the correct place on the head, no wispies, hair nets, etc. Will also assist with hair pieces and masks, by role.


  • Be at the double doors to the backstage and ensure only those on the approved security list be allowed backstage.  Work with Stage Manager or Board Member on issues involving the security list.

Stage Crew

  • Assist with set changes and ensuring all sets and props are either on stage or in the wings in the correct area.  Will need to attend dress rehearsals to learn cues and placement of sets and props.

Ticket Sales

  • Ticket sales begin an hour before the house opens.  Tickets are sold inside the theater and involve helping patrons choose from available seats and collecting monies for seats.


  • Take tickets and ensure correct date is on the ticket, hand out programs, assist patrons in finding seats as needed.


Committee Head or Coordinator role – works directly with a liaison from the Board.  Several of these positions have been filled but if interested, please contact a Board Member.


  • Review boutique inventory, communicate needed items for boutique to the Board Liaison, communicate with Volunteer Coordinator needs for show days at boutique

Chaperone Coordinator

  • Will work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator and will be the first contact for all chaperone volunteers.  Will be available in the green room and will answer all questions and coordinate the chaperones.

Company Merchandise Coordinator

  • Oversee t-shirt committee on design, work with vendor on design and procurement of t-shirts for productions, pin design, will research viable opportunities for additional company merchandise (including company leo/shirt) for branding purposes.  Will communicate to the Board of Directors. 

Costume Mistress/Master

  • Review costume needs for each production and ensure they are available for dress rehearsals, fittings and production, work with AD on creative vision for costumes, communicate to the Board of Directors costume needs and availability, work with vendors for cleaning and storing of costumes, will inventory and maintain costumes in storage.

Food Coordinator

  • Coordinate and arrange for food for the cast and crew during productions.  

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Oversees organizations overall fundraising.  Needs to be proactive and able to communicate fundraising plans and goals with all company members, parents and Board Members.  Will seek out fundraising activities throughout the year to help support the growth of the company.  

Grant Writer

  • Write grants, monitor status of said grants, update Board of grants submitted, waiting and status, as known.  Will investigate new grant opportunities.  Will research local and national endowment opportunities for sustained grants/funding.  Will report to the Board of Directors. 

Marketing Coordinator

  • Assist the Marketing Director with press releases, marketing plans for productions as well as company functions, arrange media opportunities and press articles, as well as other needed functions.  

Props/Sets Mistress/Master

  • Work with AD to ensure all needed props and sets are available for rehearsals and productions.  Communicate with Volunteer Coordinator on volunteers needed for prop and/or set design and construction or repair.


  • Contact local businesses about advertising with AzYB on the website and in the programs.

Social Event and Outreach Coordinator

  • Coordinate cast party, welcome party and all social events to promote bonding within the company.  Will also arrange and follow up on all outreach opportunities with the community.

Social Media Manager

  • Responsible for updating and monitoring all social media platforms.  Reports to and works with the Marketing Director.

Stage Manager

  • Work with all aspects of production, artistic staff and volunteers to ensure all sets, props, costumes, and dancers are on stage when and where needed.  Will be on headset for issues involving production or to coordinate information.

Ticket Manager

  • Work with ticket vendor to set up all aspects of tickets sales.  Includes season tickets and any issues that arise.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Communicate needs for volunteers to parents and Board, update online volunteer form and send to parents, monitor sign ups to ensure minimum number of volunteers available, monitor volunteer hours to ensure parents/families are meeting minimums

Website Manager

  • All website design and regular updates to the current site.  Reports to and works with the Marketing Director.